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What is the Egide solution?

EGIDE - Protective Shield is a cybersecurity solution tailored to your business. Its plug-and-play system enables you to detect vulnerabilities in your hardware and software infrastructure. Each vulnerability is evaluated according to its criticality and ease of exploitation by hackers.

EGIDE enables you to eliminate vulnerabilities before they are exploited against you.

The features

5 functions of cybersecurity activities

EGIDE is a cybersecurity solution based on the NIST Framework, a set of standards, guidelines and best practices for managing IT risks.

Esia - NIST


Identify critical assets for the company, so as to prioritize actions. This identification should focus on valuable processes, systems, and resources.

With Egide

  • Asset Management (Management of patches, updates, Firmware.)
  • Business environment (Inventory module)


Protect the structure of cyber threats. This approach involves awareness-raising and training, but also the implementation of software and technical protection aimed at securing sensitive data.

With Egide

  • Information protection (Centralization of information from antivirus and firewall platforms)


Detect suspicious activities before they have untoward implications. This function depends on the monitoring mechanisms installed.

With Egide

  • Security continuous monitoring (vulnerability scanner based on CVEs)
  • Anomalies and events (ESIA supervision & Syslog feedback)


Respond to cybersecurity events thanks to a guide designed in advance of the occurrence of risks. This strategy must make it possible to stifle the threat before it emerges. It includes planning, communication and mitigation measures.

With Egide

  • Communications (Sending multi-channel alerts, email, SMS, dashboard, mobile application)


Recover after a cyberattack: restore the original state of the computer system and put in place measures to prevent the risk from recurring.

With Egide

  • Recovery planning (Centralization of existing backup systems)
The features

Egide web interface

EGIDE's vulnerability scanner allows you to scan each of your VLANs separately by taking into account their criticalities and the results of the scans per VLAN. You get an accurate view of the security level of your entire infrastructure in a single dashboard.

EGIDE allows you to carry out an accurate inventory of manufacturers and applications deployed.

EGIDE allows you to quickly find out which software does not respect the rules you have defined, for example a specific OS version.

EGIDE allows you to define cybersecurity rules for the management of Firmware versions of the hardware in your infrastructure.

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